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Image result for Upcycled Clothing Projects, #image result #clothing #projects #upcycled Check more at

The purchase of the ebooks can only be done with a customer account, because after successful payment you will find all of your download items that you purchase from us in the shop "in your customer account", in the navigation on the left under "My …

Sewing linen trousers: a casual Velara linen trousers – Image 4 |

– Wallet and cell phone pocket together – notes or coins have their separate place (with zipper). – Mobile phone case is made of high quality fabrics. – Headphones or cards …

Maloja W Allegriam. Jacket | Xs, s, l, xl | Gray | Ladies Maloja

CROCHET SHRUG Hello everyone, today I would like to show you how you can crochet this cozy jacket. Without sleeves it is a vest or a so-called soul warmer. I crocheted my sleeves because I thought it was nicer. Yes, that's a matter of opinion. 😊 The part is crocheted and knitted, I have already presented the technique HERE. In principle, of course, you can also knit the jacket, for example in your favorite knitting pattern. I'll tell you on …

Pullover, Amy Vermont Amy VermontAmy Vermont

4 The Love Of Odd Tee Odd Molly Odd Molly

Gp-racing 93 Beachwear Shorts Black Gray Xl

Sweater, Sienna Sienna


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